The various committees at The Southdale Project

The following committess make up the branches of the Southdale Project. All committees' doors are open and their teams are growing! Email to inquire more about any of the committees.



The Fundraising Committee takes on the leadership role for planning, coordinating, and implementing revenue-generating strategies to sustain the financial needs of the project. The committee’s structure is divided into several departments that work together to achieve this goal. The committee’s activities include:


  • Developing the fundraising strategy for the project
  • Advising the Southdale Project board on any fundraising matters
  • Soliciting advice from fundraising consultants and experts
  • Evaluating new fundraising initiatives and implementing them
  • Seeking financial support from foundations and endowment funds
  • Engaging community members and increasing the donor base for the project
  • Providing donors with updates on the project and the impact of their support
  • Soliciting feedback from donors and community members on different aspects of the project

The Finance Committee is accountable for the management of the project's finances, donations, and accounting. For questions or concerns, please email


The Events and Logistics Committee provides fun and engaging opportunities to implement various community events. The committee's activities include:


  • Organizing professional events throughout the year
  • Planning engaging events to outreach to diverse community members and to instill a sense of belonging and involvement with the Southdale Project
  • Building expertise within the committee with regards to various skills such as event planning, sponsorship, communication, and creativity

The Planning and Construction Committee facilitates the design and oversees the construction of the various phases of the Southdale Project. This will involve determining the scope of the project based on input from the community, selection of the architect through an RFP process, consultation with stakeholders during design development, planning the construction in stages and in step with realistic fundraising and financial targets, and facilitating management and oversight of the building phase to ensure quality and to meet budget and completion date targets.

The Volunteer Management Committee is solely dedicated to and for the volunteers who engage in the Southdale Project. The VMC works closely with volunteers throughout the year. The committee's activities include:


  • Gathering new and returning volunteers
  • Creating opportunities for growth in all aspects
  • Finding and creating new opportunities for volunteers to get involved with
  • Volunteer appreciation
  • Specific workshop training


Volunteers continue to play a pivotal role in the current and future success of the Southdale Project, and it is due to the efforts and dedication of all the volunteers that the Southdale Project continues to grow. It continues to be evident that it is truly the volunteers who are representatives of the Project, and own the growth of the Project.


The Outreach Committee is made up of 4 subcommittees: MAC Give, EMAAN Awards, Eid Celebrations, and The Southdale Festival.  The main goals of this committee are to:


  • Connect with the community using the fundamentals of mercy in Islam and its correct understanding
  • To promote a Muslim Canadian identity through the encouragement of Islamic conduct, leadership, and camaraderie in engagement and giving back to the large community
  • To eliminate community isolation by promoting inclusion, unity, and coherence


MAC Give


The goal of MAC Give is to have the Muslim community be recognized as ‘The Giving Community’.  The committee partners will other local Not For Profits to get the Muslim community engaged with different initiatives in the larger multi-faith community in London.

EMAAN Awards


EMAAN Awards is held annually across most of the major cities in Canada. The objective of the event is to encourage youth in our community to seek knowledge by furthering their education, demonstrate leadership, contribute positively to society and invest in their personal growth.  During the event, awards are presented to celebrate achievements by High School and Post-Secondary students, entrepreneurs, professionals and community workers.

Eid Celebrations


The Eid Celebrations occur twice a year in the Muslim tradition and MAC London partners with the London Muslim Mosque, Islamic Center of Southwestern Ontario, and other institutions to organize the celebrations at a large venue (eg. BMO Center).  The event usually includes a large community prayer, festival with food and rides for kids, and a community dinner for the second Eid (Eid Ul Adha).

Southdale Festival


The Southdale Festival takes place annually at the Southdale Project site (457 Southdale Rd W).  It is a large festival with various rides for children (Ponies, jumping castles), various types of food, and entertainment with live performances.  This committee seeks to connect the London community to the land that this large festival is held on and to allow people to appreciate the future possibilities for the prospering community.


The Marketing Committee is primarily focused on supporting the other committees in reaching out to the community. Whether it is advertising, social media, graphic design, or even this website, we have a team of dedicated and talented volunteers who enjoy producing and marketing the face of the Southdale Project.